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How much are Divorce Attorney Fees?

Our office offers different fees depending on the situation. We typically charge by the hour (i.e. 300.00 dollars per hour).  We require a retainer fee in the begining of the case. For example, a retainer would be 1,500.00 dollars. Effectively, you have purchased 5 hours of time (300.00 x 5 = 1,500.00). If your case appears straight forward we maybe able to handle your case on a flat fee basis. This means that we will charge one fee for all work in the matter regardless of how long it takes. This can benefit everyone in a simple matter. 

Our office gives you a written fee agreement so that you know how your costs are being calulated.

What is the average cost of a divorce in Grand Rapids MI?

Divorce attorney fees in Grand Rapids and very widely. A larger law firm will charge you the most for attorney fees. Your fees will be triple for the same amount of work. You are not getting better service or a better attorney. You are just paying more money to get divorced. Large firms have large overhead and a large number of staff that need to be paid. You are the one paying for all the costs and fancy offices.

The best and most cost effective attorneys are at small offices with lower expenses. The minimum cost of a divorce at Krupp Law Offices can be as low as 1,500.00 dollars. The average cost of a divorce is about 3,000.00 dollars for a basic case. For a complex or high conflict case be preapare to pay more. After the initial consulation, our attorneys will discuss the estimated rage of fees based on your case and your facts. We will send you a bill evey month so that you know how much it is costing you.  Also, remember that you and your spouse control the level of litigation and cost. The more court appearances and fighting, the more expensive. 

How can I keep my Attorney Fees Low?

There are a number of ways you can keep your costs to a minimum.

    1. First, be organized. Give your attorney a list of assets and debts with supporting documentation. For example, provide the most recent bank statements, retirement statements, list of assets with estimated values, and a list of debts with copies of statemeents. This will help to quickly assess your financial situation.
    2. Next, prepare a budget for your household. This will help determine your monthly cash flow. We will also need recent pay information to calculate child support or spousal support.
    3. Next, make a list of personal property that you would like to keep.  You do not want to spend money on attorneys reviewing your pots and pans. 
    4. Think about waht you want in the end to the case.  What are your goals.  Is it to get divorce quickly?, Is it financial security?, Are your children the priority?
    5. Avoid confrintation with your spousal that is unnecessary.
    6. Attempt to have civil comunication with your spouse about mutual goal.

All of the baove will haep reduce your attorney fees. Unfortunately, often times your spouse can cause attorney fees which can be unavoidable.

How do I get my divorce started?

Getting started on your divorce is easy.  Just call our office.  You can speak with a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney at Krupp Law for free.  We will answer all your questions.  We will also schedule an appointment to meet in our office.  If you are out of state or can not get away from work, we will do a phone interview.  We also have an online interview questionare that can help get you going.


Krupp Law Offices P.C. serves clients throughout West Michigan, including the counties of Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, Newaygo, Montcalm, and Ionia.  We are is located in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan across from the court house.


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