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Basic Divorce Attorney Questions - Grand Rapids MI

  1. What is the basic divorce process in Michigan and my county (they are all slightly different)
  2. How are assets and debts divided in a no fault  state like Michigan?
  3. Can you explain attorney fees and costs?  Do you have a written fee agreement?
  4. Can you estimate the cost of my divorce or provide a range of cost?
  5. How long have you been practicing divorce law?
  6. When was your last trial?
  7. How may cases have you tried?
  8. How many divroce cases have you handled in your career as an attorney?
  9. Can you explain child support and child custody?
  10. Is spousal support involved in my case?
  11. What can I expect for a final resolution?

A good divorce attonrey should be able to answer your questions without hesitation. It is important that you feel comfortable with your attorney and confident in their approach to your case. A divorce is a major life event and your attorney is an important part of it.

How do I get my divorce started?

Getting started on your divorce is easy.  Just call our office.  You can speak with a Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney at Krupp Law for free.  We will answer all your questions.  We will also schedule an appointment to meet in our office.  If you are out of state or can not get away from work, we will do a phone interview.  We also have an online interview questionare that can help get you going.


Krupp Law Offices P.C. serves clients throughout West Michigan, including the counties of Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, Newaygo, Montcalm, and Ionia.  We are is located in downtown Grand Rapids Michigan across from the court house.


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DIVORCE V ANNULMENT - Comparing Divorce and Annulment Process in Michigan.

DIVORCE PREPARATION - What to do before you file.

SEPARATION - What happens if I separate and don't file for divorce?

DIVORCE WAITING PERIOD - Is there a waiting period to get a divorce?

FAULT DIVORCE - What is the difference between fault and no fault divorce?

DIVORCE PROCESS - What is the divorce process?

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE - What is an uncontested divorce compared with a contested divorce?

DIVORCE AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS - What happens to retirement benefits?

DIVORCE PROPERTY SETTLEMENT - How do we split up our assets and debts?

DIVORCE MEDIATION - What is divorce mediation?  How does it work?

DIVORCE ARBITRATION - What is arbitration compared with mediation?

DIVORCE AND MEDICAL DEGREES - How does a medical degree get divided in a divorce?

DIVORCE AND BUSINESS INTERESTS - How do we divide a business?

DIVORCE AND ALIMONY (SPOSUAL SUPPORT) - How is spousal support determined?

DIVORCE AND SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS - Is Social Security a marital asset?

DIVORCE AND BANKRUPTCY - How does one effect the other?

DIVORCE AND PARENTING TIME - How is parenting time determined?

DIVORCE AND CHILD CUSTODY - How does the court determine custody?

DIVORCE AND CHANGE IN DOMICILE - Do I need the courts permission to move?

DIVORCE AND RESTRAINING ORDERS - How do I get a Restraining Order?

DIVORCE AND POST JUDGMENT MOTIONS - How do I modify my divorce judgment?

MILITARY DIVORCE - How do I get a divorce if me or my spouse are in the military?

PATERNITY - How do I establish paternity and start support and custody?

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