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When you are facing a divorce and have questions about your divorce or annulment options in the Grand Rapids area, it is important to have the representation of a good divorce attorney.  Krupp Law Offices P.C. has been providing quality divorce representation for over 85 years.  If you have questions about the difference between divorce and annulment, call the divorce attorneys at Krupp Law Offices P.C. for a free phone consultation.  During your phone consultation, our attorneys will provide you with immediate answers to your questions and schedule a free initial appointment with one of our attorneys.



Divorce is a legal proceeding that ends a marriage.  As part of the divorce proceeding, the court determines what assets and debts were accumulated during the marriage and what assets and debts were premarital or kept separate from the marriage.  Assets and debts accumulated during the marriage are divided in a divorce judgment.  The divorce judgment states the party’s final property rights.Michigan is a “no fault state”. As a result, you do not have to prove fault to get a divorce in Michigan.  There is a 60 day waiting period for a divorce without children and a 6 month waiting period for a divorce with minor children.

In contrast, an annulment also ends the marriage by a determination that a valid legal marriage never took place.This can make a difference in property rights.  As a finding of no valid marriage, each party gets the property they have and there is no property to be divided that was “accumulated during the marriage”.  For example if the husband has 500,000 dollars in retirement accounts that accumulated during the marriage, in a divorce, the spouse would receive one-half or 250,000.00 dollars.  In an annulment, a valid marriage never took place, as a result, the husband would keep the 500,000 dollars and the spouse would receive nothing.  Most of the time, it makes little or no difference because the parties have been married for a short time and have not accumulated much during the marriage.  In a long term marriage, it can make a substantial difference.Additionally, a person has to prove the basis for an annulment rather than “no fault”.In Michigan, a basis for an annulment can be proven by establishing the marriage was a result of fraud, duress, or non-consummation of the marriage (no sex after you say “I do”).  There is no time period involved.You can be married for twenty years or more and still qualify for an annulment.  Additionally, there is no waiting period.


If you are facing a divorce, a good divorce attorney is not optional, it is a requirement! Our divorce attorneys can answer your questions with straight talk.  Having the right divorce attorney on your side can relieve your stress during this difficult situation.  Our attorneys have over 85 years of divorce experience.  Our attorneys have extensive divorce trial experience including property settlements, spousal support, alimony, child custody, and other serious divorce related issues.  Typical fees to retain attorney for a divorce case can range and from 1,500 dollars to as high as 5000 dollars.  Considering the seriousness of this life changing event, it is extremely important to retain the services of an experienced attorney in the area of divorce.

Krupp Law Offices P.C.is located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan and has the right divorce attorney for you.  We represent clients in all divorce matters throughout West Michigan, including the cities of Grand Rapids, Holland, and Grand Haven, and the counties of Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, Newaygo, Montcalm, Muskegon, and Ionia.


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