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If you are faced with a truck related injury in Grand Rapids Michigan, it is important to contact a Grand Rapids truck and tractor trailer attorney. The truck and tractor trailer attorneys at Krupp Law Offices PC can answer your questions about truck accidents and related injuries at no cost to you. Truck accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. They don't get paid unless you recover. It is extremely important to contact an attorney immediately when you are injured by a truck or tractor trailer. You need to know your rights when explaining your injuries to your employer and the insurance company. Truck accident insurance adjusters are working for the truck companies to reduce or eliminate your compensation. You need an experienced Grand Rapids truck accident attorney representing your interests to make sure your are justly and fairly compensated. Call us now and speak with an attorney that can explain your rights under the Michigan No Fault Compensation Act. When a car is involved with a truck in an accident, one outcome is for sure: the car loses. You need to hire Krupp Law Offices P.C. as your truck accident attorneys to hold the drivers and trucking companies accountable for truck accidents. Truck drivers work long hours and are often pressured by their employer to complete their runs regardless of safety. The result is negligence. Drivers are required to adhere to regulations involving time on the road, number of breaks, and weight of the load they carry to make sure the roads are safe. Under the law, a trucking company can be held liable for the negligence of its drivers.


It does not matter what kind of truck is involved in your accident.

Different types of accidents include:

  • Rear-End,
  • Head-On Crashes and Jackknives
  • Poor Maintenance, including Tires and Brakes
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Unsecured Loads or Unsecured Cargo
  • Dangerous Roads
  • Aggressive Driving or Improper Lane Change
  • DWI / Drug
  • Use Lack of Reflectors and Poor Visibility

Different types of Trucks include:

  • Tanker Trucks - Oilfield Trucks- Pipe Haulers- Chemical Trucks and other trucks with trailers carrying hazardous materials
  • Slow Moving - Log Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cement Trucks, Gravel Trucks and Construction Zone Trucks entering and exiting a highway construction zone, Wide-Load Convoys, Bulldozers, Farm Equipment and slow moving Paving Equipment
  • Freight Liners, UPS, DHL, Fed-Ex, U-Haul, Mayflower and other van lines
  • Shuttle Bus, Casino Buses to and from MGM, Odawa, Little River and Turtle River, Vacation Bus, Tour Bus, Greyhound Buses
  • Most all other 18-wheeler, Big-Rig, Flatbeds, Tractor/Trailer combinations or any type truck that involves a pre-trip inspection.
Investigating Truck Accidents

As soon as you retain our office we have our own truck accident investigation team do there own investigation to determine the cause of the truck accident. We will also secure a copy of the state police accident report so that we can make an independent determination of the cause of the accident. Most trucking companies and their insurance companies have accident investigation teams that go out to the scene immediately, sometimes within minutes or hours of an accident. Their job is to locate and secure evidence that supports the truck driver’s version of how the accident happened.

However, the truck driver’s story may differ in many respects from your independent recollection of the accident. To protect your rights, you need an investigator who will look for and document evidence that is favorable to your case.

If a trucking company representative, attorney, or insurance company representative requests your oral or written statement, call Krupp Law Offices P.C. at 616-459-6636, before you answer any questions.


Truck accident liability is controlled by Michigan no fault law. A person injured in a truck accident was required to prove duty, breach, proximate cause, and injury (negligence). The Michigan no-fault act created two different types of claims. There is a first party claim and a third party claim.
A first party claim is a lawsuit that a victim files against their own insurance carrier for first party benefits on their insurance policy. In Michigan, all automobile insurance policies provide for lifetime medical benefits in addition to other benefits listed in the automobile insurance policy. A first party claim involves a dispute over that policy between the claimant and the insurance company. They usually involve disputes over reasonableness of medical treatment and benefits. No-fault benefits are provided to a person who sustained an accidental bodily injury arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle. First party benefits usually include wage loss for up to three years, replacement services for three years, medical expenses, certain survivor’s losses, and funeral expenses. Typically, an attorney will take a first party claim on a contingency fee basis. An addition, actual attorney’s fees are available if an insurance company refuses to pay legitimate claim or unreasonably delays the payment of benefits. When determining your rights under a first party claim you must first look at the insurance policy and what benefits it provides. Secondly, you must review the no-fault insurance act to determine what additional rights you have under the law.

A third party claim involves a lawsuit between the injured party and a negligent truck. The injured party must demonstrate a threshold injury. The injured party must establish that he or she has suffered death, permanent or serious disfigurement, or the serious impairment of a body function.


The difference in size of cash settlements in commercial truck cases are potentially much larger than auto to auto accidents generally for one reason: the size of the policy of insurance. Your personal auto policy is sometimes as low as the Michigan state mandatory minimum limits require of $20,000, however, a commercial vehicle, such as a company van, pick-up, tow truck, etc., usually carries policies of insurance coverage with much higher limits and you can be fairly and fully compensated when the driver is negligent.


Our office takes truck accident cases on a contingency fee basis. There is only a fee if you recover and there is no cost to start you case. Michigan no-fault and truck accident law is extremely complex. Anyone injured in a truck or tractor trailer accident should contact an attorney who specializes in Michigan no-fault law for a free consultation to determine their rights under the law. If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler collision that occurred anywhere throughout Western Michigan contact us immediately at 616-459-6636 or on weekends and evenings

616-957-7921. Krupp Law Offices P.C. serves represents clients facing truck and tractor trailer accident claims throughout West Michigan, including the cities of Grand Rapids, Holland, and Grand Haven, and the counties of Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, Newaygo, Montcalm, and Ionia.

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